<u>[1]The digital world began with the southern quadrant where digimon where as simple and unremarkable as a digital being can be. A great enemy destroyed thousands of digimon for no known reason, and stopped the digital world itself from advancing. But in secret, a powerful digimon evolved. [2[Godramon was the most powerful digimon in known history; he was the father of the five sovereigns and the only one powerful enough to battle the great enemy. He created a realm of pure digital beauty to bind the southern quadrant to three others, separated by vast dimensions. From then on they evolved together. But another had controlled the fate of the digital world along with the enemy. [3]While the enemy destroyed this vast computer "Yggdrasil" had created new digimon. With the enemy out of the way it began to experiment on digimon`s evolution. It established a presence in the apex where it watched each quadrant with interest. [3 SUPLIMENTAL] After many years of prodding the evolutionary process of digimon the quadrants where filled to bursting with thousands of digimon of all levels. Yggdrasil employed the best of the best to serve him as a god; they were the very first royal knights. But he soon decided that the digital world he had created was cluttered and worthless, so he formulated a plan to destroy it all and start again. [4]The virus he produced caused digimon to drop like fly`s. But in the southern quadrant, and antibody evolved. The X-antibody improved a digimon in many ways [including making them immune] [5]But Yggdrasil saw this and decided it was defiance against his rule. He and his loyal knights wiped out the entire quadrant and all its inhabitants... except the lucky few who escaped to another. Though the digimon there shunned them the X-Digimon survived. Some of that quadrants digimon hunted them for the antibody, believing they would be immune if the took an X-Digimon`s data.[6]Yggdrasil`s further experiments during this time produced a creature codenamed the Digital OR Unknown MONster, or the Dorumon as legend has named it. A failed prototype was discarded by Yggdrasil but not destroyed, that was a mistake. It was that Dorumon who later defeated him [with power loaned to him by the still young sovereigns] as the legendary Alphamon.[6-SUPLIMENTAL] legends passed down through the ages suggest Alphamon was immortal and appeared in a shining light at times of war[7]By this time the sovereigns were ready to take up there positions as the digimon leaders, but it was soon realised that population levels in all quadrants were falling. It was soon placed on the lack of the main computer, who had always maintained that balance [until his destructive rain] after much work and effort the sovereigns used the leftover data of Yggdrasil to give birth to a new generation of digimon with the ability to reproduce on without the help of a computer. [8]The redeemed royal knights were distributed to the different quadrants where some founded academy’s dedicated to training future generations of royal knights, only when a trainee knight reached a certain power was he allowed to join the brotherhood of the royal knights.[8 SUPLIMENTAL] Only the Sovereigns and the guardians –a race of beings identical to humans in there appearance and inability to digivolve or use digimon attacks- had the ability to freely pass between quadrants and the apex, they often ferried knights from one area to another [if they were asked nicely][9]Imperialdramon Paladin-Mode was the most powerful to join the ranks, but this was only for a short time. It is known only that the disappeared after founding the "The thirteen" a council formed of the thirteen most powerful knights after him.[10]After the destruction Yggdrasil had put on the southern Quadrant it was never the same, this was not helped by the fact that the southern sovereign was vengeful and easily angered. It quickly became to violent and war full and after many attacks by the population on royal knights for there data, they were forced to abandon it.[10 SUPLIMENTAL] This was how the activities of the Hazard were unnoticed for so long, with only minimal scouting parties of knights to the quadrant many evil things sprung up.[11]The hazard went unnoticed for years, killing and leaving no witnesses. It was not discovered until it reached the mega level; it named itself... and by the word of the sovereigns that name is not permitted to be recorded in this document.[12]The guardians Helped to transfer the royal knights to the southern quadrant in force, not a single knight was left behind. The southern quadrant`s terrified inhabitants were transferred to others for there own protection as a hundred year war began.[12 SUPLIMENTAL] Records show that after a final titanic battle the Hazard was destroyed by one "Gallantmon"[12 SUP,2] For unknown reason`s gallantmon loaded the data and took the hazard into himself[13] Official history ends there but the diary pages found in the ruins of an abandoned town suggest that gallantmon was banished; it can only be assume that he eventually corroded and died in the wilderness of the southern quadrant

NOTE; From here on digital history splits into four parts

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