The master:

Little has been revealed about him so far. He seems to be young but has a cold, intimidating nature.

The second:

Although he is second in comand he seems to be allowing the master to rule for his oqn reasons. He is a cruel and apparently heartless pearson and has his own gains in progect armegeddon.


A master of pain and torture who has worked his way to the position of "third" in the ranks of demon lords. his latest mission came directly from the master, and was to spy on the tamers. All contact was lost a week after he left and the demon lords now consider him dead


A sadistic whore who uses her body to get what she wants, and this has earned her the position of "fourth" in demon lord ranks. she used an invention of another demon lord "barbamon" to capture guilmon. but now she wears a silver mask to cover the terrible scars on her face left by guilmon in his "feral" state


A servent of the demon lords, he led gatomon to the digital gate in shinjuku park to bring them to the digital world.


one of many bakemon under phantomon, he took the form of bokomon to bring the tamers to the dark area.


A mass murderer of countless digimon who wanted Rika nonaka to be his partner. After his death the data was collected by an unknown enemy, to be "used" in some way as yet unknown.


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