Takato Matsuki:

Takato (14 years old) is extremely imaginative and loves to be creative, so he likes drawing. One day he comes face to face with a real digimon [Gatomon] After ther first battle with a digimon and learning of digimonification, he scans a drawing of his ideal partner.He wears goggles not only to show his digimon tamer status, but because they were given to him for his Eighth birthday by his parents. Because of the Digital Hazard in his DNA, he becomes stronger and mor aggresive when angry.

Guilmon and Gatomon:

Guilmon is Reptile Digimon, he is a virus type and carries a black Digital Hazard symbol on its chest. He was designed to be superior to Agumon in every possible way. Guilmon is a virus-type Digimon, though his attitude most of the time could lead to thinking that he was a data or even a vaccine-type. Guilmon is normally playful and friendly but due to its wild nature, he can sent into a frenzied rage at any time, ripping and scratching at everything in sight. Gatomon is a cat with a playfull and slightly lazy personality. at times she can complain like a three year old but is obviously more mature than guilmon.

Rika Nonaka:

At the beginning of the series Rika sees others, especially Digimon, merely as tools to achieve her goals. Her callousness to her partner, Renamon, is replaced by friendship when she realizes [by takato`s explenation] both what her pride is making her into and that Renamon truly cares about her. She begins to warm up to Renamon and the other Tamers. Her original coldness seems to be related to her father but the exact details are not yet clear, however it seems there was a custody battle over her between her parents.


Renamon is tall and powerful for a Rookie level Digimon. She is far more mature than the other Rookie Digimon, considering her experience and her jaded view on life. Renamon's feral features and penetrating icy blue eyes can make her seem quite intimidating, even when she does not mean to give that impression. she has an attractive air even to humans. her speed is incredible and she has the ability to "faze" herself over distanses of up to 300 feet. Renamon is a master martial-artist.

Henry Wong:

Being the 3rd born child in his family, Henry has a little sister named Suzie Wong as well as an older brother and sister, Rinchei and Jaarin. Henry is half-Chinese and half-Japanese his father (Janyu) is Chinese and his mother (Mayumi) is Japanese. He is inteligent and able to form strategies quickly. he is rather a pacifist but this is due to a courupted evoulution of his partner to BlackGargomon.


Terriermon started out as a wild Digimon, fighting by the rules of the "survival of the fittest" in the harsh realm of the Digital World.When Henry received a Digimon video game as a present from his father, he selected Terriermon to play with because he identified with him. During a battle between Terriermon and Gorillamon Henry caused Terriermon to Digivolve into BlackGargomon. He lost control of his powers causing Henry to regret causing Terriermon's digivolution. He is a playful joker who does not understand the meening of the word tackt.

Jeri Kato:

Jeri is a cheerful and sweet person who is always there to encourage her friends. Jeri's family owns a small tavern in Shibuya, where she works sometimes waitressing and even helping her father to handle drunk customers. she has a far-gone crush on takato matsuki but he is ignorant to this, and the feelings do not seem to be nutural.

Kazu Shioda:

Kazu is one of Takato`s closest friends and is also a player of the DigiBattle Card Game, and there is nothing more Kazu enjoys than beating Takato and Kenta all the time. Kazu may seem like just a comedian with no sense of purpose, but he is really a true friend and he will help out to the best of his abilities as he knows it's the right thing to do.

Kenta Kitagawa:

Kenta is a rather nerdy looking fourteen year old who seems to be useless at just about everthing, but still is a nice guy and searches for takato as hard as anyone else when he dissapears

Suzie Wong:

She is playful and carefree and certainly acts her age (which is eight).


one of the demon lords who is third in command. he has recontly become trapped in the human world while on a mission to spy on the tamer`s. He is a Digimon that loves being bad and malicious, but he never flatters strong people and stands up to them with a tough attitude. However, in truth he has a lonely side to him.

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