Chapter 01: Prolouge

In the year 323BC a young woman is saved from a storm by an armoured man. She learns that he is a digital monster named Gallantmon. He tells her the story of a war and how he came to be in the human world.

Chapter 02: Beginning`s

As the story of "Guardian" begins, Takato Matsuki finds himself with a Digimon partner "Gatomon", he creates a digimon of his own and, by a stroke of missfortune, has to battle a Champion level on the same day. things are not going well for him as the new digimon of his creation dissapears from under Gatomon`s nose.

Chapter 03: Friend`s

After finding his creation alive and mostly unharmed, Takato enters unwillingly into a fued between himself and another tamer. In a battle between there partners, Guilmon becomes feral, and Gatomon is incopasitated, Takato finds himself trapped in his own mind.

Chapter 04: Queen of Ice While Rika is captured by a crazed Digimon, Takato and his partners risk all to save her, meenwhile, renamon is unaware of her tamers danger after leaving at the girls command.

Chapter 05: Dissapearance and pain Guilmon dissapears staring a full-fledged search and rescue mission. while searching Takato reaches rika`s warmer side and takes a step closer to breaking through her shell. the two humans and theier remaining digimon later discover a portal to the digital world.

Chapter 06: New Horizon`s After arriving the four find themselves pursued by higher level digimon and are soon seperated, Takato and Renamon are rescued by a passing wizardmon, and later set out to look for their friends who are found in the midst of a horde of ogremon, with another strange digimon.

Chapter 07: Enter the Dark Area after being told by "Bokomon" that guilmon is possibly held in the digital version of hell, "The dark area" the group sets of in search of the only known enterance, the forbiden temple in the infinity mountain range.

Chapter 08: Deva

On the homeworld front the dissapearance of the two humans has become frontpage news, meenwhile, terriermon and Gargomon face of with the first of the deva, sidebyside with the mysterious "Leomon"

Chapter 09: Treasure Sword Part01

while takato learns to control his strange power, the second deva emergas in the human world.

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