<u>[1]After the Royal Knights downfall all there citadels were overrun by nature or inhabited by other digimon but this lasted only a few years before the landscape was reformatted. [2]With the new world Came a new species of digimon the "Trailmon", they came in many subspecies and with there existence came the need for the railroads and the terminals[3]Many digimon helped with the creation of the terminals and the laying down of the tracks but the high workload and close quarters in an unfamiliar situation and the lack of the peacemaking royal knights sparked rivalry between the human and beast type digimon.[4]It is unknown what terrible event began the human beast war but still it caused the death of millions[5]Three years after the wars beginning the conflict was resolved by the powerful lucemon, one of the four celestial angels. His kind was rare in the western quadrant and it is said he was the last.[6]Some sources say that he went mad; others that it had been his plan from the start, but soon after the people of the quadrant asked him to lead them he turned on his subjects and imposed his rule with an iron fist.[7]The ten legendary warriors of Fire, Ice, Water, Steel, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Darkness, Light, and Wood fought and imprisoned lucemon in the dark area [8]According to legend each warrior created two "Spirits" from there own life force, and left them in the charge of the remaining three celestial angels.[9]Rumours of a floating island begin to appear [rumours are unconfirmed][10]The beast Celestial "Cherubimon" goes mad, after seeing Seraphimon and ophanimon talking in secret.[11]After this it is only known that the now evil Cherubimon led an army of beast digimon against the celestial palace. Due to his rain of terror many guardians have been killed. The decision has been made to evacuate this quadrantNOTE: observations show that the laws of each digital world vary on the nature and decisions of the sovereign EG: In the western quadrant a digimon is always reborn in the village of beginnings, However, evil or corrupt digimon must have there "fractal code" purified before rebirth can take place.RECORDS END:</u>

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