<u>[1]After the war of the Hazard, Zuquiomon refused contact from the other quadrants[2]The southern quadrant`s history since then has been a series of bloody wars that Zuquiomon did not bother to stop[2 SUPLIMENTAL] a few safe havens have survived such as the rumoured village hidden in the leaves by the mountain of Grace, the city of domain –which although safe is anything but peaceful-, "Odyssey" a city much like Athens that is suspended on a large thunder cloud that constantly rains, this is where the Olympus twelve live. If there are any more they have kept themselves hidden.[3] The southern quadrant has little history and the full codex mainly details the wars, until recently there has been little else to record. [3 SUPLIMENTAL] The nature of the southern sovereign is the reason digimon fight and load the data of opponents in this quadrant] [4] Recently two humans and two digimon entered the southern quadrant and spent a time in "Domain" and have now dropped off the records after being escorted to the Infinity Mountains.</u>

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