<u>[1]Trace remnants of Yggdrasil’s Data were found within a dying Cherrymon, study showed that it was a backup program for the computer that the Cherrymon had agreed to take.[1 SUPLIMENTAL] The data proved to be harmless; this Yggdrasil [unlike the first] had not been corrupted as the first had.[2]The guardians studying Yggdrasil,2 activated the computer intending to keep it confined to a small area for questioning.[2 SUPLIMENTAL]The new Yggdrasil showed a desire to protect digimon, and so they allowed it to move freely about the quadrant but prohibited it from moving to other quadrants, the apex, or harming digimon.[3]Yggdrasil recreated several of the royal knights to serve him in maintaining the peace[3]So things went peacefully for a good many years, until the day the humans came [3 SUPLIMENTAL] The human’s first visit seemed peaceful but soon after they returned with weapons that permanently deleted digimon. [4]Yggdrasil planned to strike back, but for reasons that are not known he did not.[4 SUPLIMENTAL] Due to our similarity to humans many digimon have turned against us][5] the sovereign [Ebonwumon] has seen Yggdrasil`s work and allowed him to take charge of the quadrant, answering only to him [with all due respect ebonwumon is the laziest of the four sovereigns, perhaps that is why few digimon in this quadrant are evil][6] Digimon have begun to protest against our presence in the northern quadrant, to keep the peace we have decided to evacuate to the eastern.NOTE: the law of the northern quadrant allows digimon to be reborn in any place at any time as a digiegg, but memories are not carried through to the second life and rebirth is allowed only if the digimon is killed before there natural life span is complete.</u>

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